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100.000 read/write cycles in NVRAM .. then what ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vlahos, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. vlahos

    vlahos Network Guru Member

    What happens when NVRAM fails ? i mean after some thousands read writes
    It fails a single block and you lose the settings or as a whole ?
    Does it have corruption handling capabilities ?
    In DD-WRT v23 i use even for the slight change you have to press 'Save' (aka save the whole NVRAM most of the times - also reboot in most cases)
    Shouldn't it be better to have the web interface written so that you make all changes in all pages and commit them once ?
    (even in that case my question remains - but that way the corruption would take years more to come)

    P.S. Because i dont know my way around routing and stuff I go the easy way (I try all possible compinations instead of reading the f. manual:)
    It's a gambling approach that rarely works but its is bad for the flash...

    I know because i have made useless a flash chip in another scenario (Atmel AVR microcontroller after continuous flashing)
    but it was a 3$ piece not a 25x times worth of equipment thats why I'm asking you)

    The instalation of a SC card slot minimizes writes to the internal NVRAM or not ?


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