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2 x WRT54G v3 with WDS cant connect with 2 laptops at same time.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kolston, May 25, 2010.

  1. kolston

    kolston Guest

    This is my setup. I have two wrt54g v3 with WDS setup. I am using WPA. Have good signal. I seem to have no problems using this with my new laptop running Win 7 or an older laptop with VISTA as long as I am only using one at a time. As soon as I try to connect with both of my laptops it kills all my wireless connections. I checked both laptops and they are running a broadcomm nic. I checked all the default settings. If I open the dell wireless utility and monitor my link it just shows that the link disconnects but the signal is still there. If I turn off the wireless on either one of the laptops the other one will connect and stay connected fine. It doesnt seem to matter which one I turn on but as soon as I have both of them turned on I cant connect with either one. I checked my mac's adresses and they are ok. I am posting this because I dont have the INTEL cards that are known to have a problem.

    I looked at the log on both the host and client routers and dont see any errors in those.

    Any ideas?


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