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3 routers with issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have this current setup:

    internet>cable modem>linksys RT31P2(3 ports 1-PC 2-SLINGBOX 3-line running to) >BEFSR41 (2 connections out of 4 ports 1-PS2 2- line running to) >WAP11

    The wireless runs perfectly when the BEFSR41 is not in the picture. Once it is, I can access the web for 1 minute after I boot up my laptop and then I get the icon showing me it is connected with excellent signal strength 11MBPS but I cant access the internet.

    This happens on 2 laptops. Dell Inspiron 6000. Just got one for Christmas and the other is from work. Newest stuff out there. On my wife's, I have checked the LAN settings and all is good. On my work, I cant access the Connections Tab because it was disabled by the administrrator. No problem cause I know it works fine at work and when the BEFSR41 is not connected.

    I have also tried to access the WAP11 through the web by its IP address but no luck. I have reset the damn thing 100 times and issued it 100 different IP addresses and still no luck. And yes, I have spoken to Linksys tech support and they are also baffled by all of this. I have plugged and unplugged these 3 routers in various successions as per the techs at Linksys.

    Anyone else care to try and figure this one out? :cry:

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