3 RV042's, 2 DSL static, 1 DSL DHCP. Temporary downtime

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bad_the_ba, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. bad_the_ba

    bad_the_ba Network Guru Member

    Let's start this right. I am not experienced with routers at all. I am setting up a network to use terminal services for point of sale software on a file server at "headquarters". 3 stores total. All using RV042 with 1.3.3 firmware. VPN between 2 locations on United Telecom using static IP stays up forever and a day. VPN between first location and another on SBC DHCP goes down temporarily in random patterns, anywhere from 2 seconds to 5-10 minutes, half an hour apart, and hour apart... completely random. If I forward RDP port in to the server, and delete the tunnel to the DHCP location, remote desktop stays up indefinitely (over internet, not tunnel), but has limited access to local printers on the DHCP location as those ports (printers) are only visible through the remote desktop. Not to mention that the traffic is no longer secure. Using dyndns, aggressive mode, keep alive, etc. Have gone around in circles with tech support ppl at all involved companies, and have been given no helpful information. BTW, if I leave a remote desktop up even after disconnect, it will reconnect as soon as the remote secure IP's become visible again. And when the tunnel is down, internet connectivity is down as well. I have also set up a varying (test) tunnel with the current DHCP IP set as Static IP only... same results as with DHCP+FQDN. The connection is there unattended, and always resets itself, but we cannot afford to have it go down right as we're printing a receipt. Is this an issue with the DHCP ISP, or with the router? Next step is to try the DHCP location to the secondary location, but the 2 IP's on telecom are a digit apart.
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    What's the lease time on the IP assigned by DHCP?
  3. bad_the_ba

    bad_the_ba Network Guru Member

    Not sure of the lease time... I'll try to find that out, but I don't believe it is an issue, as the downtime is completely random. Sometimes happens less than an hour apart, sometimes goes a lot longer. Sometimes lasts a couple seconds, sometimes as much as 5 minutes or more. I know that we have kept the same address on DHCP for a month or more at a time, but it could potentially be renewed many times keeping the same address.
  4. bad_the_ba

    bad_the_ba Network Guru Member

    Well thanks for the help and suggestions... the problem was never resolved in that form, but it was another way... I convinced those in charge to upgrade to static IP at all locations. The VPN network has been working great since the switch, although SBC's minimum offering of 5 static IP's and a $250 router is a little overkill for a retail store with 1 computer using terminal services, lol. Maybe I could convince them to set up their own web server from that location, espacially since it's our fastest connection.
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