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3 WAN ports and 2 DHCP subnets

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by trignet, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. trignet

    trignet LI Guru Member

    I have scoured the web, and have things close, but still need assistance from the more knowlegable.
    I have a WRT54G v1.1 with the SP2.
    I have a 5 static DSL connection PPPoe connected to WAN.
    I want ports 1 and 2 to function as a hub with WAN port (static IP's on PC's).
    LAN port 3 DHCP 192.168.0.x range, and access to Internet.
    LAN port 4 DHCP 10.0.0.x range with wireless, and access to Internet.
    No connectivity between ports 3 and 4.

    Currently have set vlan2 info for port 3
    ports 1, 2, WAN set to vlan1
    port 4 and wireless currently work as needed on vlan0.

    vlan2ports=3 5*
    vlan0ports=4 5*
    port5vlans=0 1 2 16 18 19
    port3vlans=2 18 19
    port1vlans=1 18 19
    size: 20882 bytes (11886 left)
    lan_ifnames=eth2 eth3 eth2 eth2 eth2 eth2 eth2 vlan0 eth2
    vlan1ports=0 1 2 5*
    rc_startup=ifconfig vlan2 netmask
    port4vlans=0 18 19
    port2vlans=1 18 19
    port0vlans=1 18 19

    Do I need routes, and iptables to get where I want to be?
    I have tried many things from many original posts here, and still come up short.

    Thanks in advance

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