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350n to workwith a 1 tearbyte WD My Book

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mich013, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. mich013

    mich013 Guest

    Howdy All,

    Any one gotten the 350n to work on a 1 tera byte drive im running the v 1.03.6 firmware the drive has a ntfs file system on it its sceene by any other machine I have here those being a vista biz and xp pro. also will the 2.0 firmware run on this device ive drebated building my own set to tweak it or should I stive wiht the 1.x firmware.

    Thanks in advanced

  2. ptrace

    ptrace LI Guru Member

    350n and WD MyBook 1TB - No go...

    I have the exact same problem with the 350n and WD 1TB MyBook. I called Linksys and the answer was they have problems with 1TB drives. This is a bogus answer since the 350n has the same problem when the drive is in 500GB RAID mode. I'm sure its a incompatibility/problem with the RAID function on the WD MyBook.

    I was running firmware 1.03.2. I upgraded to 1.03.6 which said it fixes problems with large hard drives, but this did not fix the problem. BTW... 1.03.6 bricked my router. I finally got it working by TFTPing the update. Do not bother with 1.03.6.

    I guess it's just more waiting on Linksys. :thumbdown:
  3. mebiuspower

    mebiuspower Network Guru Member

    IMO for something that huge you're better off putting it in a NAS box. The USB port on the router really is just designed for you to plug in memory sticks, etc. I can imagine the horrible speed penalty you're getting by plugging in a 1TB USB HD in there.
  4. ptrace

    ptrace LI Guru Member

    Well it's a little late for that now. I SPECIFICALLY purchased the WD MyBook version w/ the USB interface to connect to the router. If I had known earlier the lousy performance the Linksys storage-link provides, I would have bought the direct ethernet connect NAS version of the WD MyBook. At this point I can't return it.

    Nothing in the Linksys literature said anything like, "use only with small USB drives".

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