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54G as PPTP server

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Raz1, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Raz1

    Raz1 Network Guru Member

    I am using DD-WRT 22 final R2

    I want my router acting as VPN server, so I configurate in the following way:
    In Setup/Basic Setup
    DHCP enabled
    Start IP
    DHCP user 50

    In Security:
    Firewall Protection Disabled
    IPSec Passthrough Enable
    PPTP Passthrough Enable
    L2TP Passthrough Enable

    In Administration
    PPTP Enable
    Server IP
    Client IP(s) 192.168.5-20
    CHAP-Secrets username * password *

    DHCPD Enable for WAN (Is it useful?)

    Loopback Disabled

    I have PC1 and Laptop inside the network who can see each other, having IP and
    I have another PC2 in distant place that I want to connect to this network. I connect through the VPN, using WinXP SP2 VPN client. The connection works fine, and PC2 get for IP. From PC2, if I ping my network computer,, it works.

    But from inside the network either from PC1 or Laptop, if I try to ping the distant PC, it fails

    What is something wrong in my configuration?

    Your help is welcome

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