a Few VPN idea's to implement in Dubai for use of skype.

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bashy, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Help with VPN addressing!!!

    I recently visited a friend in Dubai and realized maybe I can help him with use of Internet/Skype. Before I ask I'll give a brief run down on how things are setup there so if you careless you can skip this part. Currently in Dubai there are 2 companies that provide Internet service to business and residential customers. DU and Etisalat, even though they claim to be private held companies the government plays a big roll in both. They both are triple play which offer telephone/tv/internet so to protect their business currently Etisalat blocks all voice calls using Skype via a method acquired a few years ago http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/05/12/01/10001807.html however DU has yet to implement this blocking feature.

    My friend for about a year was located in a part of town which was serviced by DU (the split of providers is based on location not by choice) he had purchased a PC-Less Skype LAN phone which was hooked up to his network and operated as a normal phone and incoming US phone number which made it easy for friends and family to just call a simple phone number as a local call, Last month he was forced to move to a new location which was serviced by Etisalat and from then his voice calls via his LAN phone or PC using Skype failed to work. Telephone International rates in Dubai are VERY EXPENSICE so I had suggested a work around to him by using VPN software based service provider like witopia.net he can connect to the VPN and use Skype on his laptop. This method has worked flawlessly for him, but it required manually turning on PC and not in anyway like the old setup.

    During my visit I realized I could help him using an end to end VPN. With a small budget using 2 Linksys WRT-GL routers with DD-WRT VPN I can host the server in my SOHO location in the states (currently 3mbit upstream) and setup his client VPN overseas so his whole network would be running on the VPN and all his traffic would pass through the VPN without any software. To get this done I've looked into Routed VPN and Bridged VPN however THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP. In order to pass all traffic through the VPN I need to use my tunnel to pass traffic from the client to the server and back. This is where I'm confused with things, do i assign DHCP to hand out gateway address for the server side VPN and DNS???
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