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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Hello. I have been searching for this problem but nothing found. I have a WRTG54G router to access to internet through a motorola surfboard cable-modem. I´m using a LAN connection, not WLAN.

    My problem is when I try to access or ping some webs, for example I get the IP but ping doesn´t get response and I can´t access this web. I though the ICMP traffic was cut but I can ping (and access) for example.

    The second thing I though was a connection problem, maybe my internet provider prohibits some webs but if I ping from the router using the ping utility, it gets the (same) ip and gets response!!

    I´ve tried to configure my host connection with and without DHCP but I doesn´t get a solution. The only solution I´ve found is to use a proxy, but proxies are slow and I´m sure this is a router problem.

    I can´t ping (at this moment) ( and (

    My router is just buyed with original firmware : v3.03.1

    Please help!! Thanks a lot.
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    solution found

    Ok, I´m stupid or worst. Peerguardian was the problem.

    Thanks for reading see u.
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