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Access Router/efg120 or NSLU2 from the web

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by spikemixture, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. spikemixture

    spikemixture Guest

    Everywhere, I read that I can let friends d/l files from the net from
    my NSLU2 . Trouble is no one explains how to do it.
    The odd thing is I had it working but now cannot get it going again.

    I have a dyndns.org address that my router updates.

    I did a port forwarding 8080 to my NSLU2 Ip
    (my router is
    I also have the EFG120 which doesn't work on so am uisng and therfore the NSLU2 got

    I am using the Alchemy firmware but have tried it with the standard
    and the HyperWRT. I seem to be able to get to the router via my
    dyndns.org address ( as I can log into my router) but it seems to stop
    there and not forward to the NSLU2 or EFG120
    In the forwarding area of the router I'm doing '
    name 8080 8080 both ( and 77 for the EFG120)

    Any tips I would be greatly appreciate as I have spent
    hours and hours and hours

    Thanks for your time,

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