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Actiontec/Linksys/VPN HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by vtcc93, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. vtcc93

    vtcc93 Network Guru Member

    I am by far pretty much a noob when it comes to networking, but I have a very interesting and dedicated problem.

    Please Help, I have a very specific problem/issue that I do not know how to correct or deal with.

    My system information is as follows:

    3 standard WinXP machines (home use w/ Admin rights)
    2 Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) laptops (Crippled User privledges) if you don't know about NMCI, they act like a workstation, you have no rights to change any settings, install anything, etc.

    Network is as follows:
    Verizon FiOS Actiontec Router: http://www.actiontec.com/products/broadband/4port_wireless_broadband_router/index.php

    Here is the situation, I have opened the appropriate ports on the Actiontec router to allow for my machines (one at a time) to VPN out to the Navy, one of the ports is UDP 500, even though I have opened the port I am getting a UDP Flood Protection which is slowing down/impacting the true connection of my machines. Can someone tell me how to not only open UDP 500 but also disable the UDP flood protection, I do not know how to correct this issue.

    What I am thinking is that I have a Linksys Speadboost router 54GS v1.0 that I was using prior to FiOS. This was an excellent router and allowed both machines to connect at one time without any changes to settings. Does anyone know if I can setup the Linksys behind the Actiontec, place it in the DMZ (Static IP, etc) and use it as a router behind a router? Just a thought, I am WAY beyond my LAN capabilities at this point and I am dealing with things in a try/bust/fix mentality.


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