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ADSL Modem/router selection help

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by miles_trooper, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi to you all. I'm new to the forum. I suspect this is the kind of question that has been covered in other posts, but I can't find that post :(

    Here is my situation. I live in the UK. I have an ADSL broadband connection through Virgin over a BT line. I am looking to get an ADSL modem/router that will serve as my modem, switch and possibly wifi AP.

    I have a couple of specific requirements of this device. Namely, I want it to be able to handle:
    -DDNS (without me having to have my PC on to update DDNS)
    -WOL (preferably an option/button in the admin tool of the router to send WOL packet to my PC)
    -Remote access to router from the Internet

    I can't seem to find a suitable product at a price I can afford. I've looked at custom firmware's such as dd-wrt etc.. but mostly these seem to be for cable modems, and the adsl modems they will go onto are more than I can afford (plus I'd be loath to turn an expensive router into a brick).

    I was looking at something like the WAG200G-UK. But I can't determine whether this has the features I'm looking for, or if it will accept the custom firmware like dd-wrt which will give me these features.

    Can anyone offer any product suggestions, firmware suggestions or point me in any useful direction.

    For a point of reference, I'm lookign to spend less that £70 on a device. More like £50 if I can get away with it!

    All thoughts welcome :)
  2. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    wag200g will do anything but wake on line.

    you can find a custom firmware called kamikaze (openwrt next generation firmware that *should* be usable on most/more devices. (http://openwrt.org/ or google for it)
  3. Nagapito

    Nagapito Guest

    It WORKS!

    Welll... that's not entirely true! Theres some stuff you can't do with a wag200g, but wake on lan is one you can do!

    I don't no why, maybe a bug, but after I redirect the expecific port to the machine I wan't to wake up, I saved the configuration.

    Nothing happened. So I disabled the firewall and tried again. The machine started!!

    So, I enable the firewall and tried again and it work again and again and again!

    There's must be a bug in the firewall with the ports... I dont no and I dont care, is working :D


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