ADSL - Router - PC - PCI Wirless - WRT54G - XBOX

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by starfish001, May 11, 2005.

  1. starfish001

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    Dear Forum

    I have been trying a set up for some time with no avail. Have tried a number of combinations, and am getting confused.
    Either I am doing this wrong or it just cant be done without updating firmware.

    Therefore I am after advice on this please, can it be done and then what the IP addressing schema and setup should be ?

    I have a Alcatel Sppedtouch 530 Router - DHCP to the PC in 10.X.X.X range, terminates ADSL and authenticates ect...
    I have a PC with an ASUS Wireless PCI Card,
    I have a WRTG54
    I have a XBOX
    I have a laptop

    What I want to do is to have the capability to do ;- ADSL-Alcatel Router-PC With wireless - WRTG54 - XBOX & Laptop

    I want the Devices hanging off the WRTG to have visibility to the net in addition to the PC for sharing of files ect..

    The Wireless card has software that has a Soft AP built in and can operate in Station Mode or Infrastructure. I have set it up to be station mode, and am getting connectivity.

    The PC Ethernet that connects to the Alcatel Router is enabled for ICS

    I set up PCI Wireless NIC card on Main PC to have IP address, gateway, DNS (Alcatel Router)

    I have set up the WGRT54 as a gateway, no router IP address, no DHCP with static assignment of Ip's ; as connection to Wireless NIC as laptop as XBOX

    Can someone plse advise me if I am barking up the wrong tree here ? I have refered to detail on Linksys
    site and also to this site and the answer does not seem obvious.

    Also in addition in about 6 months, I will ditch the wireless card setup, in
    this circumstance my thoughts were to have the
    WRTG54 plugged into Alcatel and then another Linksys device such as WAP or Ethernet Bridge, any suggestions on products
    considering ethernet bridge seems expensive for one device to connect ?

    TIA Ant
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