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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by n3oNx, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    Hi there.

    I'm having a little problem with my ADSL2MUE. My ISP service is through PPPoE and when I try to configure my modem with their data I can't connect to the internet and the Internet light flashes red. If I configure it to bridged modem only and put the access data on my WRT54GS router and let it be the Internet Gateway I have no problem at all.

    Is this a problem with the modem or a mistake from me?

  2. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

    I could not say ADSL2MUE worked as I expected on my setup since it does not behave as a modem, but I have no idea why yours does not work.

    My best guess is that when you choose "Bridge" mode you enable RFC1483 bridged mode, and that mode may be compatible with PPPoE encapsulation (would have to check it to be sure). I do not think ADSL2MUE can work as an PPPoE server, but it may be transparent and let the access server from your ISP terminate the PPP session.
  3. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    It's not a big problem but it's strange nevertheless.
  4. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    Still regarding these two piece of equipment I have a new problem: I've got the router on the xxx.xxx.2.1 and the modem on xxx.xxx.1.1. The problem is that I can access the modem configuration page even if I have it connect directly to one computer :S

    Does anyone have a clue?
  5. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

    would need to know network masks and adsl2mue mode to make a guess
  6. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    netmasks are and the modem is in bridged mode only.
  7. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know when Linksys is thinking launching the new firmware for this modem to support ADSL2+?
  8. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

    Ha, ha, ha, ha. This modem is amazeing! No clue about how it can do it. It makes sense that your outgoing packets reach the modem. But it is a mistery why the modem knows you are behind the router.

    My best guess would be that you are doing nat, so the telnet session to the modem is actualy natted and the modem sees the incoming connection right from the directly connected router. As in bridge mode it could learn the mac addess associated with yor public ip (it actually does to behave as a bridge, bt it should not use it since it is not on the same network) and use it to get back to the router and then to your pc.
  9. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

    talked to them (even scalated the case t management) but no firmware is available (not even the one already on our devices) and of course, no new firmware is comming.

    I would expect an upgrade on that track comming from openwrt guys when an ADSL2+ upgrade comes out from linksys for WAG54G family.
  10. n3oNx

    n3oNx Network Guru Member

    As far as my PPPoE connection directly in the modem I went and check the modem log:

    "Failed to negotiate PPPoE connection: 127"

    Doesn't say anything more :S

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