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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SAASP, May 17, 2005.

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    Hello All,

    Pulling my hair out for hours with trial and error here, any help is greatly appreciated!

    My ISP (10E fiber gateway) has provided me with the following:

    Interconnect address: *.*.*.82 (my end of a /30)
    Block: *.*.*.192/27

    I need to one to one nat the /27 to different hosts.

    I have configured WAN1 with the interconnect address, and added a static route for the /27 block, with their end of the interconnect (.81) as the gateway. No dice on the one to one. (yes the firewall rules are in place) The /27 packets are making it to me, but thelogs show them dropped (policy violation)

    If I run the connection through a switch, and use WAN1 as the interconnect, and WAN2 as the first address in the block. (.193) then port forwarding works fine to multiple /27 hosts, but still no one to one nat to them

    I am likely just missing an obvious concept in routing here... I can do this with a pix, but can this linksys do what I am asking?
  2. kakf

    kakf Network Guru Member


    Well, its not that easy. You may need default gateway information from your ISP also. You did not say wether they did give you that information or not. Are you having to set up a real "router" with its own routing protocols like Border Gateway Protocol, Open Shortest Path First, Routing Internet Protocol 2, or Routing Internet Protocol? To solve real routing problems, more information is needed. Lets say you have a public network number and IP of What is the DNS address and default gateway address? If OSFP or BGP is installed you may not have to have a degault gayteway, since discovery will be done by the router and routing tables will be established.
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