AdvanceTomato 3.4-140 Port Fwd to and from port 80 & 8080 not working

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by adzie, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. adzie

    adzie Reformed Router Member

    Hello Expert,

    I was recently updating the firmware to the latest one 3.4-140 everything are working except port forwarding to Internal IP Port 80 or 8080


    all above port forwarding are working fine and accessible from internet using DDNS except the one that fwd-ed to Port 80. I was enabling remote access to port 80 and 8080 but still not working.

    I did not touch firewall settings and leave it as default. Any advise what else to checked on my router?
  2. bjlockie

    bjlockie LI Guru Member

    Try a remote port other than 8080.
    Try TCP instead of Both for the protocol.
    It works for me.

    Does work from inside?
  3. adzie

    adzie Reformed Router Member

    I was trying remote port 8080 and disable port fwd and still router still
    Inaccessible from internet

    Let me try on tcp only works from the internal
  4. bjlockie

    bjlockie LI Guru Member

  5. adzie

    adzie Reformed Router Member

    yes it works on previous version. I did nvram clear earlier... my ISP is not blocking the port, as long as I fwd the packet to internal Port 80 the port detected as closed

    I was trying with port 9090 but no luck

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 20.56.58.png

    it works when I change the remote access port to 80

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 21.03.57.png

  6. bjlockie

    bjlockie LI Guru Member

    Maybe try deleting the other port forwarding.
  7. Monk E. Boy

    Monk E. Boy Network Guru Member

    If you want port 8080 on the WAN to access your router's website, you should just enable remote access on port 8080 and not mess with port forwarding.

    I would strongly caution you against putting the router's website directly on the internet however. If you want that you should really implement VPN or a form of encrypted remote access that requires more than just an http post with username & password.
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  8. bjlockie

    bjlockie LI Guru Member

    I didn't even think is the router, I thought the OP was port forwarding to another host (which is what I do).
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