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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ifitzgerald, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. ifitzgerald

    ifitzgerald Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to this forum, and to the world of 3rd party firmware for Linksys firmware. Soon I'll be buying two WRT54G routers to create a dedicated WDS link between two locations. I have a few questions that I hope you guys will be able to answer.

    First, what do each of the third party firmware updates offer versus the most recent official Linksys firmware? Basically, why update?

    Second, what's the main differences between the major 3rd party firmwares?

    Lastly, what would you suggest I do?

  2. Pibe38

    Pibe38 Network Guru Member

    I am pretty new to the WRT54G myself, so I don't know much about the firmwares. I'm using the latest version of HyperWRT because it's not too advanced or complicated and it provdes a couple of extra perks that are nice.

    However, before you go buy anything read this thread:

    You may want to be careful as Linksys has not solved this issue an it is very annoying.
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    first off either get a wrt54gv2.2 or a wrt54gv2. these are the best so far. i use botha and they are stable. as far as firmwae goes. i think that dd-wrt will work for you. though hyperwrt is very good. but dd-wrt is just as good. but dd-wrt has all the features that are out there forfirmwares.

    but if you want a firmware that is very bare does not have a web interface then go with openwrt. this requires you to download these tings called packages and intall them. the packages are like little apps for the wrt it is cool. but everything must be done from the command line.

    satori is very outdated i dont know anyone who still uses it but i hear it is somewhat stable.

    wifi box is good it is small and adds a good amount of features i think that is for the more adavanced user becaseu is it like hyperwrt. but hyperwrt in my opinon is for the beginnger (no offense, i use hyperwrt) and for advance users.

    e-wrt is for the people that need a captive portal for the wrt. that is all that is aded to the fireware but is also has a host of features that alway you to rise and lower the xmit power.

    tinypeap is for the user that needs radius server but without the big server. it alows radius authentication.

    hopefully form this you will decide which firmware to use i just highlighted the many feature of the firmwares :D
  4. ifitzgerald

    ifitzgerald Network Guru Member

    Thanks guys

    Thanks for your input.

    I think i'll be giving HyperWRT first, and depending on how well it owrks out for me, I may try other firmware, like DD-WRT.
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