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AG241 Firmware v2

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by abalamut, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. abalamut

    abalamut LI Guru Member

    Hello, today i bought AG241 EU adsl router. It cames with firmware 1.XX
    I went to linksys.com & found firmware v2.XXX
    But when I try 2 reflash my modem by internet explorer it sad "upgraide was faild". after that i download linksys tftp.exe & try reflash it agaun, but tftp sad "wrong code pattern"

    I have not any idea what I should do?

    can any body help me?
    (sorry my english)
  2. nickbrooker

    nickbrooker Guest


    Doesn't the v2 refer to the hardware version rather than the software version?

    I have a AG241 v1 that onyl goes to the 1.0.22 firmware.

  3. Ayot

    Ayot Guest

    To upgrade your firmware to:
    1.03.00 or
    2.00.00 or
    you have to have hardware V2.

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