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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by xrattiracer, May 15, 2005.

  1. xrattiracer

    xrattiracer Network Guru Member

    I bought a WRT54G for the express purpose of using it in client mode to attach my network to a remote wireless network. Took the sucker out of hte box, toyed with it a bit, then immediately slapped alchemy 1.0 onto it. Client mode works great and (mostly) does what I need, but there is a limitation to it that i dont understand.
    For some reason it only allows one device to be connected behind it, where I want to connect a whole network to it. Now I have gotten around this by using another router to nat the connection (originally a linux box but now another linksys router), but that means my network is now 3 layers deep in nat (wireless router at the foreign network, the WRT54G in client mode, and the nat router here). This seems like a rather silly limitation given the software (linux) that is running on the device. Someone would have actually had to specifically code something in to make it have this limitation.
    Any ideas what I would need to do to change this behavior? I am quite competent with linux and networking on pc hardware, but am a bit aprehensive about trying things on the WRT since recovery is a bit harder if i mess something up.
  2. dicksons

    dicksons Network Guru Member

    easy as pie !

    1) put on alchemy and default to factory defaults

    2) go to wireless/basic, set client mode, and ssid

    3) go to setup/basics. set the wan info with whatever net the wireless you're pointing to uses (or use dhcp)

    4) set the lan IP to something different from the upstream wireless net.

    5) set the IPs of the machines behind the client to the lan IP (or use dhcp)

    this can't help but work. don't tamper with anything else.
  3. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Lucky you. I have still not managed to get Alchemy 1.0 to work correctly in client mode, even with just one device as per Satori did, the wireless side just refuses to find my AP. Put Satori back and works fine.
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