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    For those of you who want the release notes as there are non included. I have listed below the notes from 7a which includes all previous versions. I figure Sveasoft decided not to include them as this is the first "public" release version 1.0 of Alchemy. I am sure the info will be of interest to some to see how it got to public.

    Alchemy-V1.0 is a unified firmware for both G and GS models. This firmware
    can only be upgraded using the web interface. IF YOU HAVE A FIRMWARE UPGRADE
    FAILURE WITH ALCHEMY - you must use an older firmware version whose size is
    under 3,145,000 bytes and reflash using tftp. Reflashing with tftp will not
    work with firmware versions larger than 3,145,000 bytes in size.

    Always reset your router to defaults after upgrading.

    Alchemy-pre7 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc6a

    Added DNS and DHCP server restart timer
    Added loop protect for SSL
    Improved client mode detection
    Misc fixes and enhancements

    Alchemy-60rc6a additions from Alchemy-6.0rc6

    Modified libpcap to work with pppd for filter operations
    Modified pppd to work with our custom libpcap
    Fixed active filter for on-demand PPPoE (untested)
    Added iptables string match
    Improved site survey internal error checking
    Fixed static IP bug

    Alchemy-60rc6 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc5a

    Critical fix for HTTPS daemon
    Critical fix for DHCP daemon
    Critical fix for WDS
    Critical fix for OSPF
    Qos and iptables enhancements
    Fix for IRC, time, string iptables matching
    Fix for webserver crash with QoS disabled
    PPPoE filter mode added, fix for timer resets

    Alchemy-60rc5a additions from Alchemy-6.0rc5

    Fix for UPnP
    Fix for DHCP daemon restart

    Alchemy-60rc5 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc4a

    Fixed QoS bug introduced in rc4a
    Added restart to DHCPd
    - daemon will reload leases every leastime/2 seconds
    Added QoS optimizations

    Alchemy-60rc4a additions from Alchemy-6.0rc4

    Fixed DNS bug
    Fixed accept logging bug
    Fixed afterburner bug
    Change ingres firewall from CLASSIFY to MARK for !tcp and ACK packets
    Update version number
    Fixed Skype L7 protocol bug

    Alchemy-60rc4 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc3

    Added support for new WRT54G V2.2 and WRT54GS V1.1
    Fixed DHCP memory leak
    Fixed MTU bug
    Firewall optimizations
    Fixed Access Restrictions firewall bug

    Alchemy-60rc3 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc2

    Added code to restart UPnP
    Fixed MTU issue
    - should fix slow browsing problems with PPTP, PPPoE connections
    - hopefully fixes "slow web admin" issues
    Fixed "using fallback method" Busybox messages

    Alchemy-60rc2 additions from Alchemy-6.0rc1

    Upgraded Busybox to V1.00
    Merged in w42 changes
    Added PPPD filtering (fix for PPPoE)
    Fixed Hostname bug
    Fixed minor cosmetic bugs in web pages
    Removed non-functional HotSpot page
    Removed WOL non-working web interface
    - userspace app is still included
    Minor bugs and fixes

    Alchemy-60rc1 additions from Alchemy-pre5.4a

    Bugfixes from the Alchemy-pre5.4a buglist
    Removed broken SIP tracking module
    Add log enable/disable switches on Log web page
    Many misc fixes

    Alchemy-pre5.4a additions from Alchemy-pre5.4

    Fixed critical bug with bridging code

    Alchemy-pre5.4 additions from Alchemy-pre5.3

    Dropbear V0.44test4 including ssh client
    Bugfixes for site survey in Status->Wireless
    Bugfixes Backup & Restore
    Bugfixes to saving parameters via SSL
    Bugfixes to UPnP, PPTP, and L2TP
    Bugfixes to DHCP
    Added OSPF route balancing and web interface when expert_mode=1
    Added alternate DNS servers
    - used by dnsmasq if DHCP is not active.
    - need to set altdns1, altdns2, altdns3 nvram parameter
    Many many small bugfixes and tweaks

    Alchemy-pre5.3 additions from Alchemy-pre5.2.3

    Dropbear V0.44test3 including ssh client
    Busybox V1.0-RC3
    Linksys source code and drivers V2.04.4
    Bugfixes for site survey in Status->Wireless
    Bugfixes Backup & Restore
    Chillispot 0.96
    Fixed WPA for WDS
    Added ipp2p filter for P2P blocking and QoS
    Fixed Access Restrictions bug
    Many many small bugfixes and tweaks

    Special thanks to:

    Traveller for WPA testing and feedback
    Wolf for extensive fixes, features, testing, and support
    Lonewolf for VLAN, OSPF additions, testing, and feedback
    Reformed for a complete review and bugfixing of Linksys PPT, L2TP, UPnP, and DHCP code
    Nikki for his remarkable ADM6996 module
    Khisanth for QoS optimizations and UPnP tip

    Sveasoft supporters and subscribers for extensive testing, feedback, and feature suggestions.
  2. Toril

    Toril Network Guru Member

    Is there anything to say that pre-7a isn't the same as 1.0?
  3. pipdipchip

    pipdipchip Network Guru Member

    No, this isn't the same as pre7a. It was supposed to be released the same day as Talisman but they had to finish a few things before releasing it.
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