[Announce] Full writable USB root filesystem for NAS200 running jac3a or newer with a lot of feature

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by jackito, Sep 6, 2009.


Are you interested in the new distro for NAS200?

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  1. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Project: USB root filesystem for NAS200 running jac3a or newer with a lot of features

    I´m working on a new PnP full writable root file system on a USB drive.
    It´s project is really advanced right now and I´m polishing details.
    To run it you will need at least jac3a firmware (jac4 recommended).
    The new "to be named" distro for NAS200 (I´m looking for a name btw :tongue:) will have the original NAS200 firmware features plus the following new features working out-of-the-box:

    • New shell with Busybox 1.15.3 with a lot more and updated applets than the original one
    • Rsync support
    • Bittorrent support (dctcs + ctorrent)
    • aMule 2.2.4
    • iSCSI Enterprise Target 1.4.19 (iSCSI support - turn your NAS200 into a SAN)
    • VBlade (AoE support - turn your NAS200 into a SAN)
    • Midnight Commander 4.6.1
    • UnRAR
    • Shoutcast support (listen to your music anywhere)
    • lighttpd/1.4.23 (ssl)
    • PHP 5.2.10 (fastcgi + cli) + extensions (mysql + mssql + gd + etc)
    • MySQL 5.0.85
    • SQLite 3.6.17
    • No-IP DynDns client
    • nfs-utils 1.0.10
    • Vim 7.2 (with sintax support)
    • Terminfo support
    • OpenVPN 2.1.1 (routed mode and bridged mode now supported!)
    • kexec (load your own custom Linux kernel anytime!)
    • OpenSSL 0.9.7e
    • Maintenance mode (similiar to "single" user mode)

    Now I would like to know who´s insterested in it? How many people would like to have it?
    Also, somebody would like to propose another feature? Somebody would like to contribute + help?
  2. alejandro_liu

    alejandro_liu Addicted to LI Member

    NFS is a commonly asked feature.

    Also, having the option of SQLite instead of MySQL would in some cases be more appropriate.

    As long as this is for a rootfs, I would rather use openssh instead of dropbear.

    Finally, I would recommend adding some sort of backup software. My self, I am partial to creating snapshots. (What I was planning to use is: cpdup). This way you can recover deleted files quickly. BTW, if you want to be fully protected, you still need to have an off-site backup.
  3. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Working on this currently. :biggrin:

    Nice suggestion, and already added. :wink:
    Now users can decide which SQL backend to use.
    I included MySQL in the beggining since I tought that maybe somebody (ie myself) would like to use NAS200 as a website development server. I recommend not to use it for production since as everybody knows, the hardware is very slow.

    I think I will stay with dropbear. It´s already working and providing the remote access needed features (SSH + SCP + Port Forwarding).

    For this RSYNC is included. I think it´s doing the same job. Correct me if I´m wrong please.
  4. Poulpi06

    Poulpi06 Addicted to LI Member

    great mod for our NAS200 ;)
  5. Jeangouytch

    Jeangouytch Addicted to LI Member

    woohooo, this sounds really cool !!!
  6. alejandro_liu

    alejandro_liu Addicted to LI Member

    Yes, rsync should do the work nicely. I just don't like the fact that rsync is so powerful that the man page is so long which makes it very difficult for me to find out the right switches to do what I want it to do.

    Allthough you are going to say dnsd from busybox would work well, I think it might be useful if you add dnsmasq to your firmware. This gives you dns+dhcp+tftp in one executable, which makes it easy to integrate specially the dhcp originated dynamic dns upgrades.

    Also dnsmasq makes it very easy to configure PXE booting for diskless clients (for example) or fully automated linux installs. Since you already have iSCSI and AoE, adding this would make it very easy easy to boot Windows from your very slow NAS200.
  7. alejandro_liu

    alejandro_liu Addicted to LI Member

    BTW, using the NAS200 as a development server is an excellent idea. If you can make your web application perform well there, can you imagine how well it would perform on a real server?
  8. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member

    This would be very cool if there were a way to enable only the features we want (but still haveing everything just in case) For example I personally do not need SQlite and would want is disabled but for others SQLite is a must.

    I am currently using jac3a and have a 1gb usb key in one of the ports which is formated as ext2 and has all my mods on it like the new busybox tools, linksys web pages modified so it fits the screen and my "turn of the stupid fan" scripts etc. Is this how this project will work or is it different?
  9. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    This is exactly how it´s supposed to work when it´s ready.
    I couldn´t find some spare time in the last weeks to finish it and release it.
    Also I´m facing some issues to compile nfs-utils for the NAS200.
    Anyway, I hope I can release the project anytime soon.
  10. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member

    nice, cant wait :)
  11. pema

    pema Addicted to LI Member

    Very nice indeed. Is it ready for testers? ;)
  12. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member

    Any progress on this? I am looking forward to the php+mysql :)
  13. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Finally I got nfs-utils running. It´s an old version, 1.0.10, since I couldn´t manage to compile the latests one. Anyway, it´s working fine. :)
    About the release, it´s next to the corner since nfs-utils was the last feature I wanted to add for now.
    I need to write down some documentation for the release (installation, configuration notes, and so on).
    In the meantime I´m looking for a place to store the release, maybe Rapidshare, Megaupload? Any ideas?
  14. dimwitted

    dimwitted Addicted to LI Member

    any news on this? Am really interested.
  15. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Yep, the beta release will be ready for beta testers (candidates wanted) probably by the end of this week.
    I hope it will be clean enogh to launch a RC or even the final release ASAP.
    The wishlist is already closed, for this version at least.
    BTW I´m still searching for a name, so suggestions are welcome.

  16. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member

    how about:
  17. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Thanks mdsilva, nice suggestions.

    And what about: UFS200 ?

    I would like the name to be choosed by all of us. :)
  18. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member

    UFS200 sounds good :)
  19. hchovatia

    hchovatia Addicted to LI Member

    It was very good work
    I am very thakfull if you explain how to install and configure it in NAS200
    Please and Thankyou for your time and effort :)
    I am very interested in following
    PHP 5.2.10
    MySQL 5.0.85
    thanks again
  20. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    New features added: Vim 7.2 with sintax support & Terminfo support. :cool:

    I´m concentrating now in the cleanup (passwords, personal configuration, etc) and in setting up default configurations for all the features where all of you can start from.

    I know that it´s taking to much time and some people would like to try it ASAP but I´m really short on spare time to work on it. Sorry.

  21. Treah

    Treah Addicted to LI Member

    I could suggest something insane like a domain controller :p Anyway I am eger to try this out and see how well you got nfs to run on it. Tho I don't mind using cifs on my linux boxes.
  22. Poulpi06

    Poulpi06 Addicted to LI Member

    some news ????? :hearts:
  23. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Yes, the news are that I will do my best to release it for XMAS! :biggrin:

    I already finished all the scripts (I think). Now I´m working on to default configs (keep in mind that features will be delivered unconfigured and disabled by default).
    Also I need to write some instructions about installation steps, pre/post installation setup and so on.
    Again, I will do my best to get it done for xmas, but I can´t guarantee it since I don´t have so much time to spend on it.

  24. Poulpi06

    Poulpi06 Addicted to LI Member

    great news jackito :hearts:

    have a good Xmas, you make a great work for the Nas200

  25. adedommelin

    adedommelin Addicted to LI Member

    Any news about a release ? :)
  26. chiabre

    chiabre Guest

    True, we are anxiously waiting: D
  27. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member


    the first UFS200 release is finally ready!
    I´m writing the announcement right now. :cool:
    Stay tuned!

  28. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    UFS200 v1.0 Released!

    Check it here.

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