Another RVS4000 log question

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by kineotech, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. kineotech

    kineotech LI Guru Member

    I am getting the following log entry every 15 to 30 minutes:
    Jul  8 07:38:29  - ASSERT star9100_gsw1000.c:438 &mac_tbl_lock writelocked
    Does anyone else see this? Any idea what this is about and how to stop it? This router has firmware version 1.1.09.

  2. cdaiger

    cdaiger Guest

    ASSERT star9100_gsw1000.c:438 &mac_tbl_lock writelocked

    This is driving me crazy as well. Anybody have any idea what this means?
  3. bctrainers

    bctrainers LI Guru Member

    Just debug just within the router. The response i got from the linksys tech a long while back about this was due to a part of the router trying to write to a temp non existent file which is in a locked folder or something. :confused:

    If you ask me, i only get this when the router it under heavy load. Also try getting something on port 6771 on the router incoming, it literally freaks out in the syslog.
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