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Antenna Usage

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sbrager, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. sbrager

    sbrager Network Guru Member

    Most of the discussion about antennas seem to focus on the router. I've got a networking problem at a friend's house. His router in in one corner of his new home and while the connection to most of his home is good, there is a problem in the far bedroom of one of his kids. He's getting a weak signal mainly due to the walls which attenuate the signal. I was thinking of building a simple antenna described by www.freeantennas.com for the desktop's adapter antenna. If this didn't resolve the problem, then, I'd do the same for the router.

    Has anyone tried this solution? or does anyone have any other suggestions?


  2. Dane

    Dane Network Guru Member

    I've made one "dish", using the guideline at freeantennas to connect my neighbour and it definitively increased the signal, making it possible to surf, which wasn't possible without it. The dish is on one antenna on a WAP54G placed in window upstairs pointing at his house. His pc is placed behind outer brick wall one thin wall.

    /Henning, Denmark.

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