any sign of a WRT54G NAS mod?

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by vibe666, May 19, 2005.

  1. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    does anyone know if anyone is working on a NAS conversion for the WRT54G?

    I'd say with a bit of knowhow and an NSLU2 for reference it might well yield some results.

    You can pick up a USB2 hard drive enclosure very cheaply off ebay (for the controller) and I've seen USB to ethernet converters out there (not sure which direction tho) so I'm sure you could codge something together. I'd say that with a 2.5" drive you might even be able to fit it internally if you could keep it adequitely cool, but there's be no real reason why you couldn't have a box of about the same dimensions sitting under the WRT54G with one or even two 3.5" drives in it.

    Would certainly be much cheaper than the NSLU2 for those of us on a tight budget.

    pie in the sky or something to think about?
  2. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    I guesds nobody's interested then. :(

    well i thought it might be a good idea, but i guess not.
  3. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    You have 3 options.
    1. Solder yourself USB controler on the WRT54G(s) PCB, patch the kernel, compile yourself a firmware, and you are all set.
    2. Buy Asus WL-500G deluxe, which is exactly what you will get if you go with option 1.
    3. Since there is no problem of having another box about the same size sitting under the WRT, then just get a NSLU2, and put it under.
  4. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    i guess that told me then. ;)
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