Any WRTSL54GS contract modders ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by teclis22, May 19, 2007.

  1. teclis22

    teclis22 LI Guru Member

    Hi everyone.

    When i read about the mods done on the above mentioned router i was really impressed. Unfortunatly i lack the skills on doing those myself.

    Is anyone here on the forum willing to take contracts for doing those mods ? Or knows someone who sells already premodded routers ?


    - upgrading to 64 mb ram
    - adding serial console
    - adding jtag
    - adding another pigtail with RSMA or RTNC (not sure what connector the
    unit currently has) reason would be to upgrade the antena easily to a more
    power full one

    Just a general enquirey. Details would have to be worked out.

    Best regards

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I am just curious as to why? I know some things seems cool, but why not just spend the money on a "bigger, better" device, instead of trying to make one?
  3. teclis22

    teclis22 LI Guru Member

    Hi !
    Thanks for the quick answer.

    Honestly i am unsure as to wich one would be similar to a modded SL unit.

    64 mb ram with 266 hmz cpu and 8 mb flash.

    The only alternatives i can think of are linksys rv042 / rv082 but those dont run dd-wrt or other 3rd party firmware as i am aware off.

    Wich alternative units would you suggest ?

    Best regards

  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well i had been giving this a little thought, there are lots of choices but nothing that come to mind that has usb function and you would have to learn a new language so to speak. Lots of capable routers out there that would give you lots of flash and do whatever you ask of them regardless of the processor. As for my first question, i am still curious why you think you need to change, if you just want to so be it im just wondering about the reasoning. I have an SL currently flashed with tomato thats running just fine. Thibor worked excellent on it with enable usb support, tomato works great too but no usb support. I am not sure if ddwrt offers usb but i did flash it once and had issues with it. I do run ddwrt on a different device and like it overall, just didnt work so well on the SL for me.
  5. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    It's a good project list. I also have been thinking about "pimping" my SL unit.

    I have learned enough soldering skills now to do the serial-ports pretty well, have done about a dozen WRT54GL and a couple of SL units in the last few weeks.

    Next project is adding antenna port on SL. Firstly I found that sells the RP-SMA connectors cheaply and I was thinking to add one coupled to the secondary antenna port. I have read though that you need to use the right type cable to avoid impedance issues, so I guess I would need to scavenge antenna lead-wire out of a broken WRT or buy the right type whatever it is. I would go with RP-SMA since it's a smaller connector and thus easier to fit onto the router. Also many common antenna in the stores come with RP-SMA. Leave the existing antenna in place as a backup rather than try to use it's location for an RP-TNC port. With the GL you have tons of empty space in the front of the unit to put connectors etc, with the SL it's fully occupied so you have to plan carefully.

    Items missing from your list that I would include:
    1) SD/MMC card slot
    2) 1-Wire interface for peripherals like temperature monitor.

    My dream would be if Broadcom offered a developer-kit version of some of it's boards with many of these things already done. I mean you know the guys writing the code originally have boards like this, why can't they sell a few to broaden their market? Other companies practically give away dev kits for just that reason.

    The JTAG will be the really tricky one. If you look at the OpenWRT Hardware Wiki page for the SL you'll see the JTAG ports are not arranged for convenient addition of a connector like with previous Broadcom designs.

    I'm not really clear how successful the RAM upgrade has worked out for people. I read a thread about it but wasn't sure how many people had actually done it and it worked. I run OpenWRT and having enough RAM to run RADIUS or Samba or similar memory-hungry programs would be quite welcome. Right now when I get to a need for those functions I have to point it off to a full Linux box somewhere.
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