Anyone else considering not resubscribing?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by BeefStu, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. BeefStu

    BeefStu Network Guru Member

    In typical fashion (i.e. after a complete lack of communication from Sveasoft I stumbled onto the truth on my own) I realized that my subscription lapsed recently. I was very close to renewing when I paused to think what I'd actually gotten out of my subscription in a year...

    - Satori (which was free anyway)
    - for my needs feature-wise, I mainly got 1) increased transmit power and 2) a PPTP server which alternated between fixed and broken in every other version
    - a piece of software called Alchemy that went through an embarrassing number of "Release Candidates" only to seemingly be orphaned in the end because all of the developers had already moved on to Talisman without telling anyone
    - a development process so far removed from the needs of customers that 1) a public bug tracking system was never set up and 2) weeks and occasionally a month or more often passed with no apparent progress
    - a version of Talisman Basic that's still buggy and worst of all, MAC-locked so that even though I downloaded a legit copy while still a subscriber, I wouldn't be able to install it on a replacement router if I had to send my GS in for warranty service a week from now

    I want to be clear that I was very supportive of Sveasoft in the beginning and some folks even called me a "Sveasoft apologist" on a few boards for defending certain behavior and decisions. I am definitely not against people making money for their efforts and never really lost much sleep over the whole GPL debate.

    However, I really expected more of a polished product after waiting for an entire year. IMHO the past 4 months or so have been the worst and I think Sveasoft's customer base really got shortchanged--first with feature/bug bloat in Alchemy and then with heel-dragging over Talisman.

    I am not sure if I want to support another year of the same kind of behavior. Is anyone else having second thoughts?

    EDIT: Of course I regged here using a new name :D
  2. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Let me just say that I hope you didn't register here using the same name (or a similar one) to the one you use on the Sveasoft forums because they'll cancel your membership anyway ;)

    I personally have never subscribed out of 1)not having a credit card or money or 2)not liking their policies and the whole GPL mess.

    If I were you, I'd let my Sveasoft subscription drop. I mean, Alchemy is public now anyway and there are plenty of other firmwares out there too. My current favorite (I was a long time Satori user) is DD-WRT. I would call it something like Alchemy+ or Alchemy on steroids. It has more features and they don't charge you for support either.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    thanks for sharing you views to us. i am sure there are alot of people that will re-subscribe, however as gotamd says, you'll most likely loost your subscription anyway for speaking out of turn.

    Either you subscribe or you dont tbh. Talisman seems a nice firmware however very buggy considering the word from the developers was that Talisman was going to be more stable than Alchemy was when it was released. This is now not the case.

    The subscription does give you very good support however, the forums at sveasoft are loaded full of really anything to do with the WRT54G, however since you dont need to subscribe to read most of the forums, it is basically you choice to want the latest firmware (if released)

    I would like to comment about the GPL issues, these are for the powers that be and not us simple folk to deal with. if anyone else replies to this, please keep it ontopic and not a gpl debate. thanks.
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i got somthing 2 say go with dd-wrt. talisman is buggy. so go with dd-wrt or talismen the updates are coming out once a wek for dd-wrt and is still alive and will not ban unlike some company that i will not mention
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I would have to agree on that, Alchemy pre7a just died. however now talisman is out, what type of support is being given? i am not a subscriber myself of sveasoft any longer (not of my own choice however) but the talisman forums do seem busy. i'm sure Talisman v1.1 or whatever will be out soon with more fixes.

    the problem with most wrt54g users is where does it go from here? you can only do so much to the wrt. Talisman will move on to other vendors and traget more users, thats for sure, but since Alchemy, HyperWRT, DD-WRT and others have more and more features being added in the future, the question of paying for a subscription does come to mind.

    All i can honestly say is with or without any new firmware, sveasoft forums are a good source of knowledge.
  6. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    if they dont ban your ip first
  7. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    I might have considered subscribing in the first place, if it weren't so clearly run by children with tempers. Quite a shame.
  8. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    go with dd-wrt if you want talisman. get the real talismen, dd-wrt it is free. support open source. not closed source
  9. cybertron

    cybertron Network Guru Member

    I dont mean to jump on anyone but I have to say, the above comments seem a little odd. Have these (sveasoft particularly) forums become some what of an elitest community? can one not voice their opinion of a company and or person? If sveasoft is lacking, and they are chargine, I think they should be humble enough to listen to their "customers" and take their comments as constructive criticism.

    I will say that the first time I went on to the sveasoft site, I thought it was extremely hard to understand. You pretty much have no real information laid out in an easy to understand format and when you (I did) email them asking them a question, you get no reply. Documentation is shady as all get out and the layout of the side is something to be desired. They should consider making their site a little more clear, after all, they want people to pay for this stuff. And if they do in fact kill an account due to someone talking "against" them, I think thats completely unprofessional and quite childish, not to mention legally wrong if someone has paid for a product and is not able to partake in that which was paid for.
  10. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Indeed. And that's the main reason, why I'm going to resubscribe.

    Here at Linksysinfo there are also many helpful people. But usually if you are facing more complex problems like building your own flavour of a firmware or using the WRT54G in a non-standard way and if you are having questions, that are not so easy to answer, you'll more likely find some information or get an answer in the Sveasoft forums (or the OpenWRT Forums).
  11. kinemax

    kinemax Network Guru Member

    Did you, too, get banned?
  12. TheIndividual

    TheIndividual Network Guru Member

    The very fact that you are afraid of using the same nick here as at Sveasoft shows what is wrong with them. They do not respect free speech, they do not allow competition. Read Sveasoft's posts about DD-WRT and HyperWRT.

    All they do is make fun of how HyperWRT is just Linksys plus a few tweaks, and how DD-WRT is stolen Sveasoft code. Sure, it is originally based on a Alchemy pre-release but a lot has changed since then.
    It contains much original work and it's a strong alternative to Sveasoft firmware. Also Brainslayer (DD-WRT maintainer) is in touch with OpenWRT to combine those kick ass projects or at least to share code with each other.

    So my advice is: get another subscription only if you need the support for Sveasofts firmware.
    If you don't, switch to DD-WRT.
    It's free, open source, you won't be banned you for voicing your opinion, and there's no ridiculous MAC-restriction. The more people switch, the better the support will get.
  13. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    kinda hard to steal code when the code in question is open source...
  14. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    not when they are chargin for it :roll:
  15. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    open source is open source, charging for your product doesn't change that fact. What makes you think it does? heh
  16. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    lets keep on topic guys.

    no GPL discussions please.
  17. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i totaly agree with that.

    lets stop talking about gpl repect the forum rules please
    use this forum to bash sveasoft or talk about gpl.
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