Anyone started looking at the WRT55AG GPL Source?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by supergerg, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. supergerg

    supergerg Network Guru Member

    It looks like Linksys has posted the GPL source code for the v1.1 firmware for the WRT55AG. Has anyone started looking at it?

    I'm currently looking at it, hopefully I'll be able to do something with it.

  2. RoundSparrow

    RoundSparrow Network Guru Member

    Are the v1 and v2 similar at all or major software differences?
  3. wifimax

    wifimax Network Guru Member

    I copy and paste the WRT55AG difference between V1 and V2 from Openwrt.

    I downloaded the GPL Source and I am not sure the source is for V1 or V2.

    Linksys WRT55AG V1.0
    Platform: Broadcom 4710 @ 125MHz
    ROM: 4MB
    RAM: 16MB
    CHIPSET: BCM5325

    Linksys WRT55AG 2.0
    Atheros 5312 @ 230MHz
    ROM: 4MB
    RAM: 16MB
    CHIPSET: KS8995M
  4. GuruAnt

    GuruAnt Guest

    Third party firmware ?

    has anyone managed to load 3rd party firmware onto the wrt55AG and has it worked ? if so which ver was the WRT
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