Assistance request: WAG54G v2 and DynDNS

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by KiwiLink, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. KiwiLink

    KiwiLink Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this issue!

    I've just bought a WAG54G v2 with firmware 1.00.39 dated Feb 2, 2005. Connection to net works great, no issues. However it gives an error on the Setup | DDNS page of "Strange server response, are you connecting to the right server?" when my DynDNS details are loaded, and will not update the address correctly.
    Linksys Support advised me to 'update' my firmware to 1.00.19, however that is an EU firmware and I live in New Zealand, so I'm a little nervous about this (especially since I can't find any way to backup my current firmware, or even download it from anywhere else!), consequently I have gone back with a message to them to re-confirm this before I 'brick' myself. :bomb:

    I don't want to use a software client to update DynDNS, since this seems silly if the router should do it.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences with DynDNS not working with their Linksys routers (whatever model)? I notice on the site that there is a big notice about a past Linksys router not 'playing by the rules' and getting 'banned', so possibly the Linksys implementation of DynDNS is a little less than perfect?

    Any information would be very useful!

    Many thanks, all. :)
  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    could be that the old firmware has some incorrect dyndns info in it and you need to update to fix it. if linksys told you to upgrade the firmware and told you what firmware to use you can blame them if it bricks and make them replace it.
  3. sjnetworks

    sjnetworks Network Guru Member

    RV016 and WRV54G BEFSX41 DDNSDYN

    I am also having trouble using DDNS on three different routers but I think the error is in the RV016. My connections work fine on IP ONLY but not at all on DYNAMIC IP+ FQDN. I don't think Linksys is going to help me as I have been struggling with it and them for two weeks. I am trying to get ADSL users setup to use IP phones from my office.
  4. KiwiLink

    KiwiLink Network Guru Member

    Hi Guyfromhe - thanks for that and that's a very good point. The only downside is I don't have a backup router to use while it's getting de-bricked. My main concern is that they're telling me to 'upgrade' to an earlier firmware, which is why I'm querying this with them.

    Hi Charlie - thanks for your info. That RV016 looks like a pretty fun device to configure, and I'm guessing that Linksys's implementation of DDNS isn't helping your stress levels any. Your feedback ties in with my sneaking suspicion that Linksys actually doesn't have *any* device that correctly handles DDNS, since I have a couple of clients with Linksys routers whose models don't work correctly, either. Can anyone refute this? Does anyone have a Linksys device with DynDNS working successfully? I'm going to send a message to DynDNS asking them to see if they know, too. Will post any replies. Fingers crossed!

    Crispin :eek:
  5. Wickus

    Wickus Network Guru Member


    Hi KiwiLink

    We have 3 linksys WAG54G V2 routers. So far dyndns is still working fine. The only problem is when our service provider international link gets saturated.

    What i mean by that is the following. I'm from South Africa. We have a 3 gig cap on downloads. Once you've reached your cap they switch u over to another link thats more saturated for international access.

    Thats the only problems i had so far with dyndns.


  6. KiwiLink

    KiwiLink Network Guru Member

    Hi Wickus - many thanks for that positive feedback for the WAG54G v2, that gives me hope for a good resolution! Do you mind telling me what firmware version is working successfully for your 3 happy routers?

    If I understand your message correctly, though, does the IP address of the router change when your ISP changes you to the 'slow' link, but the router doesn't update DynDNS with the new IP? If this is the case, I would have expected the router to update DynDNS with the new address if DDNS was working 100%, or am I missing something?

    Many thanks for your time,
  7. nextdayflight

    nextdayflight Network Guru Member

    I have the WAG54G V2, also running the 1.00.39 firmware.

    Sorry I can't help more - but the 1.00.39 firmware seems fine.
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