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ASUS RT-N66U IPTV connected to LAN port + udpxy

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by fess1, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. fess1

    fess1 Reformed Router Member

    I have 2 ethernet-cable from my povider. One with internet (I connected it to WAN port on router) and other - with IPTV (I connected it to LAN4 port).
    I can watch IpTv on PC with VLC-player using udp-links (like udp://@ But I cannot setup udpxy to watch iptv via udpxy. How can I setup udpxy to work with this configuration?
    I can not understand where I am wrong .
    There is all data that I collected.

    Short description:
    robocfg - there describes the current Vlan and ports:
    Port 0 - WAN;
    Port 3 - Lan-port that connects to the PC in LAN;
    Port 4 ( Vlan3) - Lan-port ,With IPTV provide;
    Port 8 - CPU-port - all router programs are executed there;
    vlan1 - vlan for all lan ports;
    vlan2 - vlan for WAN.

    Ifconfig: br1 - bridge to vlan3, IP - address is assigned manually but it could be any.
    After this setup, if I execute udpxy -p 4000 -m br1
    and listen through tcpdump vlan3, I will see udp-stream (tcpdump-log is attached). As I understand that udpxy correctly subscribes to multicast and begins data transfer, but I see nothing in the player (VlC-player).

    Iptables - not touched, to be exact - tried, but there was no sense.
    iptables_dump - it can be downloaded from the web interface of the router, as I understand it, the udp with IPTV goes by this rule : Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT 7214 packets, 8292K bytes)
    but what's happen next with udp - is unclear.

    Maybe someone has any idea ?

    I cannot understand how can I attach files, so I uploaded it here:

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