Asus RT-N66U + Tomato Shibby 112 = 2.4Ghz Wireless Issues

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sandspike, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    I am hoping you guys can help me out. I purchased an ASUS RT-N66U about 30 days ago. I have been running Victek's version of tomato for years on WRT54G,WL-520GU, WNR3500LV1. I tried Merlin's firmware on the N66U and it just wasn't tomato, so I decided to upgrade.

    I loaded Shibbys 112:
    Wireless: 2.4GHz and 5GHz separate SSIDs, WPA2 + AES

    I did an NVRAM reset from the GUI after.
    Then loaded all my settings. We had a baby monitor on the 2.4GHz band so I was using 5GHz (no problems) almost exclusively and I have a 2nd access point for 802.11g (WL-520GU). I check the SSIDs and channels in range, and decided after using inSSIDer that channel 6 should be fine. Realizing after reading numerous posts that channel 1,6,11 are the only real channels. Well I got rid of the baby monitor and installed an IP camera, and things got weird, I noticed the camera was running like crap when connected to the 2.4GHz N network. As I connected more devices, I noticed, all of them start off ok, then fall back to about 6 Mbps on the devices screen when connected to 2.4GHz, 5GHz no issues. I tried everything.

    I monkeyed with every setting. I changed to WPA1, I turned off encryption, I set it to N only. I read every article that I could find, nada. Only 1 person described a similar issue and he went to Merlin or Stock to resolve the issue.

    My thought is the wireless blob driver is to blame.

    My question, have you heard of anything like this? What about Shibby's new driver firmware?
    64k vs 32k?

    My plan is to try the new driver firmware, nvram reset, if that doesn't work, 32k firmware.
    If that doesn't work, Merlin, then Stock.

    If none of those work, send it back and wait for an AC router to go on sale at newegg.

  2. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    Connection rate reporting in the devices list is not always accurate. When accurate, I may also show a lower connection speed with devices that are idle. That being said, it's tempting to blame the baby monitor and/or ip camera for your issue. Does the same thing happen with the camera and baby monitor off? Is your channel width 20MHz?

    1,6,11 is a great guideline if everyone follows it and uses 20MHz channel width. If not then you may be better off with just 1 or 11.
  3. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Easy question, why you didn't test my version for RT-N66U also?
  4. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    @Marcel Tunks - Baby Monitor is gone, and the problem remains even with IP camera off (It is actually on the G-Network for now). I can confirm not only are the rates showing lower, they truly are, connectivity/data transfer is non-existent. I am using 40Mhz, but I tested 20MHz as well. I also test dropping down to G, as suggested here:
    G-works fine. They suggest using the new driver firmware (haven't tried it yet). I cannot find anyone that is able to comment on what is different with new driver.

    @Victek Holy Moly I feel like I am talking to celebrity. lol. I have much respect for all of your efforts. When I got the WNR3500L and used, shibby was the main one posted. I have tried to find DOCs comparing the versions, and it has been challenging. So I tried to go with the most popular version, hoping to avoid issues, and yours appeared to still be in Beta. I actually recently downloaded your version as well, I just haven't flashed it. Trying fixes this weekend. tomato-RT-N66-1.28.9013MIPSR2-RAF-V1.2 (This best to use?). Do you have the same features that are in shibby? Can you contrast? Do you think your version would run better, no wireless issues?

    Features I like, your traffic mod, BW limiter, VPN, SSHD, Static IP, USB, VLAN, VWLAN (Guest). I see lots of other features, but not sure about them yet, captivate, etc? I need the router to be solid, and I like having new features to tinker with. Any explanation or help is super appreciated. I really don't want to give up my tomato, but my wireless has to work. ;-)
  5. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2013
  6. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    @Victek , So the version that I reference above is the one to use, correct? And is 32K or 64K, and does that matter? lol. What about the wireless driver you use, is it the same as shibby? Or is it try it and hope for the best?
  7. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    The version for RT-N66 is explicit, 64KB nvram and compatible with B1 or B2 version for this model. Wireless driver .. don't know, the best is to try and report your findings, ah!, erase nvram after upgrade... safe.
    This is the link, select model and download..
  8. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    OK, here is the report back. I tried Victek's firmware, and it worked some better.

    I cleared NVRAM and put my settings back in: WPA2-AES, 20Mhz

    But that did not last, I continued to have wireless issues on 2.4GHz and even some on 5GHz. The rate wasn't usually locked at 6Mbps but close to it, data would drop in and out. I think the spectrum where I lived it pretty full. Measured via inSSIDer.

    I tried other channels, no joy. 1,6,11.

    I then loaded Shibby New Driver, and things seem to working better. The Mbps seem to be flowing up and down, and never completely stopping. However, most firmwares start off well, we will see if it lasts. If this doesn't work, it's Merlin firmware next, then back to stock firmware. Then ASUS support, then back to my WNR3500L. Ugh...
  9. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Been positive least you have alternatives ... :)
  10. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    Sending positive vibes and keeping my fingers crossed, so far so good. What router are you running Vic?
  11. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Now.. RT-AC56U .. porting to Tomato ... changing from mips to ARM ... big change and opportunity for Tomato.
  12. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member I was continuing to run my 802.11g network from my ASUS WL-520GU running tomato. Even though that is on another channel, do you think it could be interfering? I shut it off, and it might be getting better.
  13. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    Ok. newegg RMA filled out, what should I replace it with? RT-AC68U?
  14. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Makes sense .. depends on your budget.
  15. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    I would like to run tomato, and I am looking for dual band that works, good range, budget $150-$230USD. I read something that says the RT-AC68U may never run tomato, unless you finish the ARM project. My WNR3500L is working like a champ right now, but no 5GHz. It cuts through any noise, very little drop out.
  16. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    ?? ROL... dont't worry .. Tomato will run in ARM hardware ported by any contributor ....
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  17. kevin922

    kevin922 Reformed Router Member

  18. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Wireless connectivity is a random event depending of three values; router, computer wireless card and environment conditions. From this starting scenario the feedback varies, someone of us don't have problems at all, others solved using another laptop wireless USB adapter and others are stacked with the problem.
    You have different Tomato flavor versions right now with different wireless driver on each flavor, so, you can try any of these versions but unfortunately the drivers used are a black box with very restrictive margin of maneuver, so, don't discard certain incompatibilities as the official firmware have too.

    I got a bargain wireless USB adapter using Realtek/Atheros chipset that works excellent in most of cases, the only way to deal with conflict wireless is a good framework to discard each component failure and read experiences and literature from others experiences.
  19. sandspike

    sandspike LI Guru Member

    Of course Victek is right about the environments.

    I found the RT-n66u is very sensitive to interference, more so than my WNR3500L. So, I returned the RT-n66u. I am hoping future routers will have stronger 5GHz and maybe 2.4GHz as well.

    Using InSSIDer, I found out my alarm company has a router and wireless network that was taking channel 11, I moved them to channel 1 (since they cannot turn it off), and put mine on channel 11. I will be canceling that company in a year and selecting someone without a mandatory router. I also shut off my WL-520GU that was running my G network, and set my WNR3500L to mixed mode. Of course I got rid of the baby monitor, and replaced it with an IP camera, wired. Then I also had cat5 run to the last computer that I had on wireless. So I only have a WiiU, tablets, and phones on wireless.

    In summary: More resilient Router, Eliminated interference, Moved to Wired. The last thing to consider is router location, height, and antennas. There are some good articles out there.

    I hope this helps.
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