Asus WL-500gP - Tomato1.06 - WLAN no Connect

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Ernie626, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Ernie626

    Ernie626 Guest

    Hi all,

    today i flashed my Asus WL-500gP with Tomato Firmware v1.06.0981.
    No i have configured all incl. Wlan Settings but i can`t connect from
    Wlan to Wan.

    D-Link Airplus can`t find any Wlan AccessPoint (PC WinXP)
    Netgear WPN111 can`t find any Wlan AcessPoint (Laptop WinXP)
    Lan (Marvel onBoard) without any Problems (PC Win Vista Ultimate 64bit)

    I have tried to Upgrade the same Firmware with GUI.. no error..
    Reset the Router + Restart Router.. no connetion to Wlan

    When i disabled Wireless in the Router Settings, the Router find a neighbor
    Wlan in the Menue "Wireless Survey"..

    Can everyone Help me..

    Sorry, my English is not so good (German User) ;)


  2. benny.shen

    benny.shen LI Guru Member

    you may try to clear your nvram.
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