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BAndwidth on WRK54g & Dropping INetconnection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ra4wmsn, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. ra4wmsn

    ra4wmsn Guest

    Newbie here. seem to have 2 problems with WRK54g.
    [1] Appears to drop inet at times. Have to reset to regain. remove router & works fine. Cable inet connection apparently never dropped. B-4 router never lost i net connection.
    [2] Does 'K' model allocate bandwidth among 4 ports + Wireless? Connection is realllllllllllly slow with just 1 pc connected ( win XP, wired, cat 5,) & no wireless connection.
    This model dosn't appear to have QofS, or some such method to choose porting - but it would seem reasonable to suppose that all bandwith (except some overhead) would go to the active port? Maybe not???
    Would appreciate any comments/suggestions/hep (other than shouldn't have bought cheep). :roll: [/quote]

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