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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by metropol, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. metropol

    metropol Network Guru Member

    Hi there,
    I spent about a day to read on this and other forums and switched back and forth from reading and trying to configure. To no acceptable result.

    So some initial help would be greatly appreciated. Here is my setup:

    DSL --- AP (fritzbox phone) )))((( Laptops ... this works like a charme.
    I would like to extend the AP by a WRT54G with DD-WRT v23 software.

    I could think of either:
    1. DSL --- AP (fritzbox phone) ---- WRT54G )))))) Laptops
    ... using only the wlan-part of the wrt54G

    2. DSL --- AP (fritzbox phone) )))) ((((WRT54G ---- Laptops

    The question is, are there fixed terms for what I am trying here? I read about client mode, client bridged mode, WDS etc.

    What I do not seem to manage is:
    1. Setup the internet connection on the WRT54G. Which settings do I need? The fritzbox has a DHCP Server running. Shouldnt I be able to connect the Fritzboxs LAN port to the WRTs WAN Port, set WRT in Internet Setup to "automatic configuration - DHCP", have it use its own DHCP Server on a second network and go? It does not work.

    2. I can setup WDS in a way, that I "see" a connection on the fritzbox and on the WRTs Status screen. But no success connecting to the internet.

    thanks for any hint!
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    First I might suggest you stick with v22 of DD-WRT since v23 is still pre-beta and you problems might be bug related.

    What kind of DSL connection do you have? PPPoE, Static IP, or plain DHCP? When you have the Laptops connected directly to the fritzbox what IP addresses do they use?

    This should work so there must be a configuration issue somewhere... What's the story with this fritzbox? Is it a wireless router or just a wireless access point? Also need to know the IP address of the fritzbox, the WAN interface on the WRT54G, & the IP address range of the WRT LAN.
  3. metropol

    metropol Network Guru Member

    ok. thanks for the initial reply.
    The Fritzbox (by AVM) is a DSL-Modem, WLAN Router.
    It can be used as a DSL-Modem only. And that is what I tried yesterday. Use the modem function only, hardwire the WRT54G to it, configure the Internet and use the WLAN from the WRT. Works.

    Now to the questions:
    I do use a German Telekom DSL line which is PPPoE. When using it with the fritzbox, the box is the Gateway IP and the Laptops have assigned IPs (the fritzbox assigns from .20 onwards!).

    When trying the first setup from my previous post, I used the fritzboxs LAN port to connect the WRTs WAN Port to it. Fritzbox had DHCP running so I was assuming, this would provide the WRT with an IP. I set the Fritzbox as gateway and used the WRT as router. This however, did not work. The "Internet"-LED on the WRT was steady, but in the setup options it never showed anything but for WAN-IP.

    thanks in advance,
  4. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    it sounds like ur fritzbox has a router built into it. in which case you could disable the dhcp on the wrt and then simply connect the fritz to a lan port on the wrt. Then the wrt would function as a switch/ap and the fritz would just continue doing the routing.
  5. metropol

    metropol Network Guru Member


    This is what I did and it works. What I want to do is to connect the WRT to the fritzbox via a wireless connection - make the fritzbox a wireless repeater and the WRT its client. Now the fritzbox can do WDS, but as far as I know, if I use WDS, I can only use the LAN-ports of the WRT54G and can NOT connect wireless devices to it.
    thanks again,
  6. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    It's the other way around. In client mode you can only use the LAN ports. When using WDS wireless clients can connect with the WRT and their wireless transmission will be repeated via WDS to the router on the other end of the WDS connection. (Which is why WDS is often considered a repeater mode.)

    More info on WDS vs Client Mode vs AP mode: link
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