BEFCMU10 Firmware Update Problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by strtrkn, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Around 10pm PST 3/12 my BEFCMU10 v3.0 stops getting a signal from comcast. This has happened before, so being a good techie, I went to troubleshoot. I recycle the modem, the router, the pc, leaving plenty of time in-between for reboots. I also changed out the cables, connected the pc directly to the modem, with no change. When everything comes back up I take a look at the modem log to see an error that I have never before seen. It appears that Comcast has tried to flash the firmware on my little modem (which I own). After reading multiple forums on this subject, I know that they do this every once in awhile to account for speed updates, etc. However, this is the first time that it has failed and not corrected itself.

    I have talked to 2 comcast reps (1 via phone & 1 in live chat) and both of them said the same thing. "we do not do firmware updates for your device". I even gave them the exact errors that appeared in the modem log.

    I'm hoping someone else has ran across this or something similar. When I asked if they could give me a working version of firmware to see if I could fix it, I think they thought I was nuts. I have to have web access for my job after I leave work, since 1/2 of my team works around the world. So waiting for them to fix it (it's going to be 4 days before they can come out) is not ideal.

    I'm attaching the screenshot of the error log & also of the system info screen. Any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. ka9yhd

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    Since you have evidence of the failed firmware update you could always file a complaint with the FCC Or your Attorney Generals Office in the state you live in.
    Another place to inquire about this is the forums at

    Most companies that offer Internet access only support the equipment that they provided.
    Everytime that I have a problem with my DSL line and call my ISP, they want me to connect a computer directly to the modem and they prefer the computer has Windows on it.
  3. strtrkn

    There is a hard reset button (little hole in back of modem) if you use a small pointy thing (eyeglass screwdriver) you can push the button in. This should clear the memory of the device. Hopefully the next firmware update will work
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