BEFSR41 V1 and Wii

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tek428, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. tek428

    tek428 Addicted to LI Member

    I have a BEFSR41 router. It is the older one, a version 1 actually. I have a lan adapter for my wii, but it only works intermittently. I have tried two different LAN adapters (I took the first one back, only to have the same problem with the new one) and both adapters are made specifically for the Nintendo Wii.

    Here is what happens, once I get my Wii hooked up, and I run the connection test, everything appears to be running smoothly. As I start to game, or watch youtube videos, the connection begins to drop. The lights on my router (just the lights that correspond to the port the Wii is plugged in) also go out. After about 20 seconds they come on again, and the Wii is connected. Within a minute, the lights go back out and I get disconnected. I have plugged the Wii into all 4 ports on the router and I get the same effect for each one. I have tried DHCP and giving the Wii a static IP. Nothing seems to work.

    I have a Linksys PAP2 phone adapter hooked up to this router, and my VOIP phone works with no problem. There are also two computers wired to it. The only thing that I simply cannot get to work is the Wii, even my Directv HR21 HD/DVR works great when wired to the router

    I have read about people with a BEFSR41 V4 being able to get their Wii working easily. Could the problem simply be that this old hardware will not work with a Wii?

    I am using firmware version 1.44.2 which is considered by many to be the most stable release for this router.
  2. sjc80

    sjc80 Addicted to LI Member

    I did a quick Google search and found someone recommending that the Wii be connected via DMZ and given a static ip.

    Hope this helps.
  3. tek428

    tek428 Addicted to LI Member

    I have tried giving it a static IP and then putting that IP in the DMZ, but it still no worky.. :(
  4. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    When the problem happnes do all the lights go out and the power light flashes, or just the port the wii is plugged into?
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