BEFSR41 v2 - Intermediate Disconnects?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Astrotrain, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Astrotrain

    Astrotrain Network Guru Member

    I have had this router for at least three or more years and have not seen any issues with it.

    Recently, I noticed I am getting intermediate disconnects, seem
    only a second or two, but its enough to cause a disturbance
    within the network (other PCs, WAP, etc).

    I've applied the latest firmware (08/06/04) and I am still
    seeing this issue.

    Anyone having the same issue with the BEFSR41 in their

  2. nilz1978

    nilz1978 Guest

    and i have the same issue... this was working very well before w/o problems watsoever up till about 2 months or so

    using the latest beta also didnt help.... anybody knows a fix
  3. Astrotrain

    Astrotrain Network Guru Member

    Possible fix?

    Think I've fixed it.

    I reset the router back to factory settings aftre assuring I have
    the latest firmware installed.

    Seemed to have done the trick, no more intermediate disconnects,
    and appears to be faster.
  4. u96178

    u96178 Network Guru Member

    Where can I find the latest firmware for BEFSR41 v2? I can't find it even in the Linksys download website.

  5. u96178

    u96178 Network Guru Member


    Never mind... I found it already!

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