BEFSR81 V2.0 Firmware Problems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by wfopen, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. wfopen

    wfopen Network Guru Member

    Went to do an update of the firmware today. the 2.45. Anyway about half way through the update it errors out. Now router is DOA. Diag lite flashing red. network is up but no WAN.
    Tried the Tftp again with no luck. I can't even log into the router. Hav tried the reset button on the back. No luck.
    Is their a way to force flash it?
  2. wfopen

    wfopen Network Guru Member

    Got it fixed if anyone needs

    If anyone else ever has this problem. Hear is a fix

    First, download a TFTP file to reload the firmware of the router. Access to get the TFTP file.

    Second, assign a static IP address on the computer that you will use to upgrade the firmware.

    To statically assign an IP address

    Windows 2000 and XP:

    1. Click start, choose Control Panel
    2. Double click Network Connections
    3. Right click Local Area connections then select properties. open TCP/IP if needed.
    4. Select “Use the following IP address†then enter on the IP address type Subnet mask is

    Windows 95, 98 and ME:

    1. Click Start, choose Settings then Control Panel
    2. Double click network
    3. Highlight TCP/IP -> for your network adapter ( Ex. TCP/IP->Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Network Adapter )
    4. Click Properties
    5. Select Specify an IP address then enter on the IP address type Subnet mask is

    Run the TFTP file, on the server type, password admin and for the file click of the button with 3 dots and browse the code.bin file that you have previously downloaded. Click upgrade.

    After successfully upgrading the firmware, set the computer back to obtain an IP address automatically. Reconfigure the router.
  3. toyotanpa

    toyotanpa Network Guru Member

    Which firmware did you go with for your v2? Was it the 2.45.1 or 2.45.5? I'm currently running 2.45.10 but notice disconnects periodically using XBox Live and was hoping the 2.45.5 might do the trick.

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