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BEFSX41 keeps rebooting with 3 solid lights for 10 seconds

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dtgorm, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. dtgorm

    dtgorm Network Guru Member

    Ok, I just dont get it. sometimes, my router will just up and reboot like when i try a speed test or running some program that accesses the internet. Im currently running a test version of the firmware and I have been trying to find the v1.45.7 which I think is the one that originally came with my router. I remember once trying to update to the "latest" firmware released by Linksys but it caused my router to just reboot and the first 3 lights stay lit for like 10 seconds (diag, DMZ, power). Anyone know where i can get the original firmware to put my router back the way it was with the old firmware?
  2. Greybeard

    Greybeard Network Guru Member

    Similar issue with BEFSR81v2

    I have had a tortuos week with this device - it has been restarting every 20-40 minutes - sometimes I can access the admin page sometimes not (then have to power off/on to get it back.

    Most times the WAN connection through ADSL2MUE modem stays active.

    The restart is signalled by each row of lights coming on for a couple of seconds - '100' then 'Full/Col' then 'Link/Act'.

    I emailed UK Tech Support (cannot phone during the day this week) - received acknowledgement email - then nothing more so far despite a chase email.

    Have chatted with US support three times and got a different approach each time (in between restarts and lost connections that is).

    Finally Alastaire (18811) suggested that firmware corrupted so:

    Hold RESET for 1 minute with power on
    Turn power off - keeping RESET pressed
    Hold reset for 15 more seconds

    Power ON
    Upgrade firmware
    Press RESET for 30 seconds with power ON

    Reconfigure router.

    When I ran firmware upgrade this time it certainly seemed to do a lot more work than the two times I did it before - after progress bar completed there was a rolling indicator that appeared for quite a few seconds - so maybe I did it right this time ?

    I am now waiting to see if restart comes back ... somehow I can feel another chat coming on with Alastaire or Jose or

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