BEFSX41 tracert disconnects

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jnord24, May 9, 2005.

  1. jnord24

    jnord24 Network Guru Member

    Every time I try to run a tracert to an outside IP address, the router disconnects and it takes several minutes to force a reconnect through the menu. As I perform network support from my house, this is very irritating, because as a work around I have been forced to use a remote desktop connection to a server outside of my network, just so I can do a tracert.

    I have not enabled any of the "advanced features" such as any special website or inside client blocking. I have enabled firewall, but that should only affect what is attempting to come in.

    My router is not my DHCP server. I am using a Win2k sp4 server for all IP addressing functions. My w2k box looks to my router to attempt to resolve all non local addresses.

    I'm running firmware 1.50.18, Apr 30 2004 after upgrading because of random disconnects throughout the day while using Ameritrade level II quote streamer.

    I block anonymous internet requests, filter multicast is disabled, Filter nat redirection is disabled, and filter ident port is enabled.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The sooner hte better.
  2. jnord24

    jnord24 Network Guru Member

    tracert disconnects

    Ok, so I contacted linksys, who adivsed to reflash, reset to factory and reconfigure.

    That didn't work either.

    I am currently waiting on beta firmware from "beta firmware group".

    Should I post that somewhere.... can I post that somewhere here?
  3. Kenjiro

    Kenjiro Guest

    Re: tracert disconnects

    I have beta 1.51.00 firmware, try it.

    Try this tftp upload program, if uploading through web interface do not work right:

    best regards
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