BEFVP41 V2 and DynDNS updating not functioning

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by vt2k1, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. vt2k1

    vt2k1 Guest

    So I've got the BEFVP41 V2 and got the VPN setup (with another VP41) working fine. Here's the problem:

    Both routers are using DynDNS domain names to set up the VPN connection. However, neither of the routers seems to be updating the DynDNS address properly. DynDNS expires the hostname if it isn't updated (even with the same IP address) within 35 days. I had thought that the router would update it every time it renewed the DHCP lease, whether it got a different IP address or not.

    Linksys tech support has been less than helpful. Instead of saying "we'll fix that and put it into the next firmware update", I got "your product must be defective. Send it back". Since two routers are showing the same problem, I suspect that it is not a hardware problem. This seems like it would be so simple to fix in the firmware.

    Also, the message on the DDNS config page doesn't update properly all the time, and I think it should have a timestamp. Are there any Linksys firmware developers who look on these forums?

    Any suggestions? I'm getting a little tired of having to go to DynDNS's website, or use a client on a computer here when the router is supposed to be handling that for me.
  2. Jarhead1899

    Jarhead1899 Network Guru Member

    DynDNS does not like the way the Linksys routers work.

    I have tried to use the DynDNS update service on my router with not luck.

    Go to DynDNS and download their DynDNS updater.

    I have subscribed to their Custom DNS as well as their recursive DNS and it works great when combined with the DynDNS updater.

    Good luck.
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