BEFVP41 v2 IPSec question

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by fromme, May 6, 2005.

  1. fromme

    fromme Guest

    I'm trying to setup VPN through my BEFVP41 v2 router, so I can connect remotely from a laptop into my subnet (eventually for both XP and Linux servers).

    I followed some instructions in the BEFVP41 User Guide to setup an IPSec security policy on XP sp2. All the instructions seemed clear enough and I have double and triple checked my settings (not that I still couldn't have messed that up). Once I "Assign" the security policy, then next step is to browse to the router configuration and setup a tunnel entry.

    From that XP system, I cannot browse to the router, although I can browse anywhere else. I can browse the router from other systems and I have even setup the tunnel entry on the router that way. But, I am presuming that not being able to browse the router from XP once the IPSet policy is Assigned means that something is wrong at that point.

    Has anyone done this successfully? Is there some magic that I need to do here? Actually, I'm sure that I don't understand enough about how IPSec works yet to know the proper magic, but I just don't see why following these clear instructions would have failed for me.

    I think I have the most recent firmware for the BEFVP41, which is:

    1.01.04, Jan 18 2005

    Can anyone point me toward more information about how to get this done?

    Thanks much,
  2. fhsm

    fhsm Guest

    Hi Brian,

    I ran into the same thing and got the following chat answer from LinkSys:

    This is because your computer is already applying the IPsec filter for the IP address range of your router. And that will only work if your computer is already at a remote location (hence a different IP address)

    So, when I'm behind the router, I un-assign the IPSec.

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