BEFW11S4 connects to ISP properly, but clients are broken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grygonos, May 19, 2005.

  1. Grygonos

    Grygonos Network Guru Member


    I'm glad to see a forum to help out with this kind of stuff, thanks for setting it up. Anyway on to my dilemma... I have had a BEFW11S4 for a little over a year. Last night it started acting up. Granted every now and again I've had to reboot it, but usually no big deal. So I can't connect to any web pages. I cycle the power, check the connection it looks good. So I call my ISP.

    After talking with my ISP, I was able to connect my computer (whose MAC is the cloned one) to the internet and view pages just fine. So I reset factory defaults on the router and tried to reconnect it. This still didn't work. The router showed it was gettin the same IP that my registered machine was, but my computers connected to the switch could not view webpages or connect to other online services.

    So at this point I upgrade to the new firmware, put out in April...upgrade goes fine, and I'm happy to see WPA and dyndns support. I enable MTU 1500 as that's what's listed on the status page for the ISP connection. AHA.. I get a connection and can hit a couple web pages. I think all is fine. I try to go play an online game... *router puke noise*. So basically I can get maybe one or two web page hits in and then the connection doesn't let me view anything.

    Any ideas on what is happening? Any settings that I should attempt to tweak?

    Thanks for much if anyone has any idea.
  2. windsurfer

    windsurfer Network Guru Member

    Since it was working, and you made no changes, this sounds like a hardware problem. These routers do not have a good track record. Do a google on it and you will find lots of people complaining of problems.

    I would go get a WRT54G and you will be able to set it up the way you want. It will give you lots more options becuse of all the aftermarket software available.

    I did an A to B type test between the WRT54g and the BEFW11S4 last week for wireless signal strength. The wrt54g is far better.

    Wireless security is really not a problem with the BEFW11S4 as it hardly makes it outside my house but the WRT54g has plenty of signal clear across the street.
  3. Grygonos

    Grygonos Network Guru Member

    Well I got it figured out last night...aparently when the new factory default for the upgraded firmware is to have NAT filtering disabled :( turned that back on and it runs like a top.
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