Being a good neighbor has it's problems.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by turtle2472, Jul 12, 2008.

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    So I decided to be a good neighbor and hook up a WRT54G v8 up for my neighbors to use my internet access.

    Here's my network before this endeavor:
    HSI -> BEFCMU10 -> SME Server -> Switches & access points -> Computers

    Now in order to keep my neighbors out of my network and throttle their traffic I decided to put my old RV042 to work and set up something like this:
    HSI -> RV042 --> (Port 1) SME Server -> Switches & access points -> Computers
                  \ (Port 2) WRT54G v8 -> Open Hotspot
    So I have updated my router to firmware and have DHCP running on it with dynamic and 2 static assigned by MAC address (1.2 for WRT54G and 1.254 for SME Server). My server is set up in the DMZ Host with no port forwarding right now.

    Under Port Management I have Port ID 1 set to high and port 2 set to normal with 10M and Half Duplex. Under Bandwidth Management I have ports 1.2 and 1.50-74 limited to 100kbs both up and down.

    So far this is working great to be a good neighbor and still maintain my network behind my server. In my network my server is and all my components of the network are 4.*. FTP, Web and everything else pass to my server as though the RV042 isn't there.

    PPTP connections on the other hand aren't passing through. I have pass through enabled on the RV042. My settings haven't changed on my router and yet now it won't connect. When I try to connect with my iPhone or laptop I get an error saying it can't negotiate the connection.

    Any ideas on where to look?
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