Best DNScrypt server and config

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by jbesclapez, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. jbesclapez

    jbesclapez Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi there,

    Anybody can be attack via a DNS attack (man in the middle) in using normal DNS settings...

    The solution is to use DNScrypt but i would like to have a good DNS provider with no log.

    I am now using OpenDNS and installed it on Tomato Shibby.

    I used this tutorial :
    Note that the DNSCRYPT-PROXY is under Network in shibby.

    Please could you confirm that this tutorial is ok. Also, please could you give me a good and secured alternative to OpenDNS with no logs? (stating the country it is in and if you are happy with it.)

  2. mmosoll

    mmosoll Networkin' Nut Member

    In the dns-custom configuration box I added these parameters in reference:

    # Never forward plain names (without a dot or domain part)
    # Never forward addresses in the non-routed address spaces.

    If you are using only open-dns may be the strict-order parameter is not necessary
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