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Best PCI client cards for WRT54GS Routers

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by overmind, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. overmind

    overmind Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54GS Router with 2 client PCs. A HP Laptop with Broadcom chip (54g) and a desktop with Linksys WMP54GS.

    I used to have a D-Link DWL-G520 in the desktop. With D-Link card I got a full 54g connection constantly without any signal loss in the Windows Wireless Util. Unfortunately it had a compatibility problem with my Soundblaster Live and crashed the computer every hour or so.

    I decided that I need to replace it and opted for the WMP54GS thinking of the speed increase I will get with Speedbooster etc.

    Problem is that the signal strength of the WMP54GS is crap! I never get full signal strength and when transferring files the speed drops to 48Mbps and even to the 30s. The WMP54GS' antenna is almost twice the size of the D-Link card but it has this weak signal? Very weird! It even drops the connection now and then and this never happened with the D-Link card.

    First I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing and if you found a way to fix it? Secondly, friends of mine want to install a wireless network, so I would like to know which wireless PCI cards works best with Linksys WRT54GS routers? Netgear perhaps?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

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