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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Gregd, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Gregd

    Gregd Network Guru Member


    I have 2 x WRT54G's (v 3.1) running DD-WRT (v23) and am trying to work out the best way to bridge 2 of these routers..

    Here is my setup.

    Building 1 - Wired Ethernet ( to Lan Port of WRT54G

    Buuilding 2 - Wired Ethernet ( to Lan Port of WRT54G

    So they both are on the same subnet and distance is 200mtrs (using outdoor grid antennas). Currently WDS is working fine and doing the job but it does lack speed due to WDS implementation.

    Can someone suggest what would be the best configuration for both WRT54G's in to effectively join 2 wired networks via wireless?

    No clients will / need to use these units, just there as a wireless bridge between both buildings.

  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member


    Bridging (Client Bridge mode) would be fine.

    Though, depending on the needs of those networks, you may want to actually split them (one continue being and the other one x.y.z.a) in a different subnet.
    In that case, the WRT54G on the would be configured as an AP and the one on the "new" (x.y.z.a) network would be configured as a "Client" (client mode).
    So far, I believe that the router mode would give you the most of speed.

    WDS is ok, Client Bridge Mode is fast and Client Mode is the fastest.

    (for the picky ones, yes, probably bridging is faster... but so far DDWRT v23 betas don't seem very reliable on pure bridging yet. I just can't recommend pure bridging on v23 yet).

    Let us know ;)
  3. Gregd

    Gregd Network Guru Member

    Yes. I tried pure bridging both sides (Client Bridge Mode) without sucess. Strangley i have 2 x Samsung 3300AP's to which i configured 4 yrs ago in pure bridge mode and they have not missed a packet once. All i was wanting to do is increase the speed but it appears DD-WRT is not suitable for full bridging yet.. :sad:
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    One of the routers must be functioning as an AP so the other can connect as a client... (If you want to prevent regular wireless clients from connecting to the router functioning in AP mode simply enable the MAC filter or better yet enable the wireless encryption options and don't give out the key.)

    Since you have no other wireless clients connecting to the routers you really shouldn't be loosing much speed due to WDS. See this for details.

    The only time you'll lose speed with a WDS implementation like yours is when there is broadcast traffic on the subnet. Read this post along with my response for some info on the broadcast issue. (BTW I'm not sure how clear the broadcast explanation is since no one ever commented on it so feel free to ask questions if it doesn't make sense.) :thumb:
  5. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    that is the dont configure the brodge on both. One has to be the root and the other as the client.
  6. Gregd

    Gregd Network Guru Member

    Thanks guys.. I made some changes to both WRT54G's as follows..

    Head Office - Client Bridged Mode
    Branch Office - AP (MAC of above router only accessible)
    WPA-TKIP Encryption enabled
    SSID disabled on Branch Office AP
    Lifted power levels on both to 70mW

    Seems to work fine. Speeds are about the same as it was usind WDS on both but now it appears more snappier (responsive) then it did using WDS.

    Thanks again guys.... Now to share with others what i have learnt!
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