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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by oopsibrokeit, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Ok, folks, I think one of my waps has properly doorstopped this time...

    this is work's wap!

    It's been a bit flaky since thursday last week, the power output gradually went down from about 84% on wednesday afternoon to 20% on thursday morning, netstumbler showed it going down in steps, like it was trying to roll back data rates.

    It then spent friday fluctating wildly from no signal to about 20% signal but never managing to hold up a link for more than a few seconds at a time.

    It stayed upright all weekend according to netstumbler, albeit at at about 10% signal, I guess because no-one was actually using it.

    Monday it was stable at 10-12% and people were using it at about 5mbps.

    All day tuesday it flicked on and off at about 10 minute intervals and it was unusable.

    Today it was up for about an hour at 8% signal and 1mbps, but as soon as you tried to log onto it it went to 0% signal, now at 11 ish-am it is not showing up as an available network, netstumbler says no AP's exist, and in the stats for the box i've only got about 200 packets sent over the last 40 minutes and nothing recieved.

    Just to prove a point i've tried to make a link with it as both my company settings (64bit wep, custom sssid, custom IP, custom subnet etc) and as it's default setting out of the box, and neither shows up.

    but through all this the wired interface has been perfect!

    I've also flashed it back to the official linksys firmware,
    a) to see if it made a difference [it didn't]
    b) so it had official firmware for when I RMA it.

    this one's going back...

    Unless anyone has any great ideas in the next 24hrs
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