Boot Up problems found on latest Alchemy based firmwares

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by sdy_moscow, Apr 28, 2005.


Did you have problems whith bootup on Alchemy >= Rc4

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  1. sdy_moscow

    sdy_moscow Network Guru Member

    I have more then 30 devices WRT54GS v.1.0 and v.1.1 devices. All was works good with Alchemy pre 6rc1 and GS v.1.0, BUT as we know on GS 1.1 was used another chip and we must use Alchemy versions after rc4 on GS v1.1. AND THE PROBLEMS ARE BEGINING.

    I was tested different versions of devices GS (v.1.0 and v1.1) with all firmware Rc4, Rc5, Rc6, Rc7) including DD-WRT 3.2 and 4 (which is based on Alchemy too) I was try more then 10 devices and now can tell 100% it is bug.

    SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH BOOT UP PROCESS on latest firmware Alchemy versions. Sometimes, same devices (v.1.1 and v.1.0) do not starting at all. Power led starting quick blinking; DMZ led does not start lighting at all. For decide this problem you must turn on device for some time, and after that start rebooting device by plug and unplug power. After 10-20 times it start working again (it start responding pinging again, and stay work absolutely properly). But after same next rebooting it is stay broken again.

    So. At first I was think - this is a hardware problems, because the best way for repeating this problem (if it happening at once on device) is put it in refrigerator! After stay 20-30 minutes on places with temperature near 0 C you can see this problem yourself again. And on some devices this problem was not occur at all. The problem more often happening in AP mode, but in client mode it happening too.

    BUT! After same time I did found, that when I am using STANDART LINKSYS firmware or HyperWrt firmware this problems does not occur at all (even on that devices, which was bricked before, and even if your placed device at -5 C). And the problem was found on different parties of devices with different hardware versions.

    Seems. The problem is in the same driver or boot up procedure. May be timeout needed in same place? Unfortunately I cannot test it myself (I don't know Linux). If somebody has this problem - lets discuss it.

    P.S.Little more. Unfortunately my subscription on sveasoft site was terminated after I was publishing info about DD-WRT firmware, which I found on this site. Gays in sveasoft are very serious :) they blocked my account at all. So I can't publish this post where. But if somebody can - tell them about this problem.
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    get your money back
  3. sdy_moscow

    sdy_moscow Network Guru Member

    20$ is not a money. I am ready to pay 200$ if it stay work properly!
    I am trying to decide this problem last month - and it is stay my "migren"! I am ready for start testing on my devices which have this problem for found - what's happening. Because now I don't know where it is happening again :-(. Now, I want by more then 20 devices again, but if this problem stay - I start search another brand or I will learn Linux for find this problem my self ;-).
  4. sdy_moscow

    sdy_moscow Network Guru Member

    People be active. Do vote please!

    Litle more: reading info about losts connectionc during big transfer i found what it is posible problem with new broadcom driver... Question for developers: why we use this "new" unstable driver or an old, which is used in standart firmware? As i read in OpenWRT forum some people trying to do they own driver for broadcom... Interesting for me how are they?
  5. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    well some times people dont like how linksys does things. why do some of use install 3rd party firmware that is not 100% stable
  6. sdy_moscow

    sdy_moscow Network Guru Member

    Becouse I need "working" client mode with support many PC behind router and 80 mW power output + clear router mode. This thing is very nice in SVEASOFT. But with later versions it stay absolutely unstable - so it is my problem...
  7. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    [quoteso it is my problem...
    no i am sure that many people have this problem.

    btw i would als olike to see how these "homemade" broadcom dirvers are going
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