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Brand new WRTP54G-NA, Unlocked... Problems???

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Sc0rpi0N, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Sc0rpi0N

    Sc0rpi0N Guest

    Hey guys, how are you?

    I did extensive searching on the web and on linksysinfo.org and I can't seem to find anything that can help me out. Here is a description of my problem.

    I bought a brand new WRTP54G VoIP Wireless Router, Unlocked.

    I have setup all the network part (ethernet, wifi etc...). Now, when I go to the "Voice" tab it shows me the information (Basic view) and when I click on the "Admin Login" it asks me for a username/password. I've tried all the passwords I can think of and from what I've found on numerous websites. Admin/Admin, Admin/(blank)... I'm stuck! I don't understand... how the hell do I get in there? I want to configure my ATA stuff and I can't... Here is a screenshot of my version/firmware...

    Much appreciated for any help you guys can provide :)

  2. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    You subject line stated you bought a new WRTP54G-NA. AFAIK, you can perform a factory reset (press+hold the pinhole for more than 30 secs) on your WRTP54G-NA device to reset it to factory default settings which are not locked to any specific VoSPs. This way, you can access its VM advanced page with Admin/Admin or whatever the factory default Admin password is. If your device is a Linksys/Vonage WRTP54G and/or Linksys/Earthlin WRTP54G-ER, then doing a factory reset will re-lock your device.

    PS. please don't provide links to RS. Ordinarily, I would click to download and look at the pictures; however, I won't do this for RS. Sorry about this. BTW, if you really have a WRTP54G-NA. please contact me through PM.

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