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Bridge between Asus RT-n16 and wrt54gl?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by chbla, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. chbla

    chbla Serious Server Member


    Quick question, is it possible to create a wireless bridge between the Asus RT-N16 as AP (currently running tomatousb) and 2 wrt-54gl's (currently running dd-wrt)?

    I heard rumours that:

    a) tomatousb does only support wep and no wpa
    b) a bridge between linksys and asus won't work

    Can anyone enlighten me please? What should I install on my routers?
  2. Makaijin

    Makaijin LI Guru Member

    I don't know where you heard these rumours, but for the past 3 years have 2 WRT-54GL running as WDS and a 3rd one running as a wireless bridge with an Asus WL500gP as the main AP, and I recently just added an Asus RT-N66U into my set up. Over the years I have been running them from stock tomato, earlier versions of tomatoUSB on the WL500gP, to currently running on Victek and Shibby's builds all with no problems. All of them I have them running using WPA2, and I have never had to resort to running them on WEP ever.

    Also, you mention wanting to create a wireless bridge. What do you intend to do/connect with it? WDS is used to expand your wireless coverage, whereas a wireless bridge is used if you intend to only connect a single machine (wired mainly) with the wireless acting as a "bridge" so to speak. Wireless bridge mode in reality is just a glorified wifi adapter with it's output on an ehternet port (instead, say a USB port). A popular example for a wireless bridge is people trying to connect their original Xbox 360 via the ethernet port. S models have built-in wifi.

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